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The Flying Scot is a 19-foot sloop sailed by racers and casual sailors alike and is a great family boat.  The Flying Scot has many advantages, one being an opportunity to join the Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA), one of the strongest one-design class associations in the world.  There is great camaraderie among Flying Scot sailors fostered by friendly competition.

Our strict adherence to the one design concept means that the Flying Scot built this year will remain compatible and competitive for years to come with newer as well as older boats. Owners of Flying Scots are assured that their boats will last for years, and its re-sale value will remain excellent.  Also, the FSSA helps promote the Flying Scot which maintains the boats popularity and value. 

The FSSA and over 100 local fleets hold local, district and national level events.  Racing and fleet social events have made the Flying Scot class one of the most active one-design classes in sailing.  Annual North American Championships, Mid-Winter Championship, Wife-husband Championship, Atlantic Coast Championships, and numerous district-level events deliver high-quality racing that can last a lifetime.

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