Jib Sheeting thru Seat


Lake Norman, NC
United States

I have a very clean set up for thru seat jib sheeting that everyone should have.  For those who have seen #5755, the arrangment is very clean and works every bit as well as having all the junk on top of the bench seat.

The advantages to this system are that it allows the crew to be able to use the entire bench seating area for side to side and fore and aft manuvering without getting bruised and banged.  I know crews dont usually own the boats, so SKIPPERS listen up.  This system will keep your crew happy!

I am going to have these brackets available in kits all the way from bare essentials to the whole kit and kaboodle incl. ratchet blocks and cleats.  There was a trial and error process that took place in order for this to work well, so dont shortcut my experience.  

Good luck and let me know if you are interested.

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