How do I post a story?

Posting a story is a very simple operation.

  1. You must be a registered user and logged on to the site.
  2. Select the Create Content menu item.
  3. Select Story.
  4. Enter a reasonable title for your story.
  5. If desired select a vocabulary term that matches your story.  Note: If you select a district it will automatically be placed on that districts page as the latest item.  If your content is not district related contact the fssa to have it placed in the correct location like the front page.
  6. Enter the body of your story using the text editor.
  7. Enter location information if available.
  8. Attach any related files.
  9. Click the "save" button.

Tip: If you have any photos you can upload them to the FSSA gallery and provide a link in the body of your story.  Unfortunately at this time there is no easy way to ensure that any embedded photos will not alter the formatting of the site in a negative way.