How do I post regatta results?

Regatta results can be posted any time during or after an event.  You should also include details about the regatta like the weather, a description of the location, and any other interesting things like who fell off of their boat.  It is also important to thank people that helped make the regatta a success like the race comittee, shore team,  or even the child that helped you push your boat off of the trailer.

To post results you will need to have your scores saved in a CSV (comma separated values) file.  A CSV file can be created using Microsoft Excel, Google Spread Sheets, or Apple Numbers.  Your files can be reimported if they are not formatted as you desire.  Do not use any long sentences in the cells because the tool does allow text to span cells.

Here are the detailed steps for posting regatta results.

  1. You must be a registered user and logged on to the site.
  2. Select the Create Content menu item.
  3. Select Regatta Results.
  4. Enter a reasonable title.
  5. If desired select a vocabulary term that matches your story.  Note: If you select a district it will automatically be placed on that districts page as the latest item.
  6. Enter some text into the body field using the text editor.
  7. Enter location information if available.
  8. Import the CSV files at the end of the form.
Tip: If you have any photos you can upload them to the FSSA gallery and provide a link in the body of your story.  Unfortunately at this time there is no easy way to ensure that any embedded photos will not alter the formatting of the site in a negative way.