How to create content for my district?

Creating content for a district is relatively simple if you follow these steps.  These steps apply for event dates, regatta results, and pages.

  1. Log in to the web site
  2. Select "create content->page" or whatever type of content that you want to submit.
  3. Enter a brief but descriptive title.
  4. Select the district that your story relates to.  Note: This selection is the key to putting your content in the right location.
  5. In the body portion of the form enter your story.
  6. Fill in the rest of the form that will fulfill the requirements for the content that you are creating.
  7. Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the form.
You will now notice that the content that you created will now be posted to the designated district.  Pages will be on the districts main page.  Calendar events and regatta results will be featured under their designated areas.