Houghton Lake, MI


Houghton Lake, MI
United States

I bought a cottage on Houghton Lake, MI just south of the Mackinaw Bridge. Having moved there about a month ago, I have seen no more than 2 sailbaots. The lake is 20,000 acres plus in size. Houghton Lake does lie just south of Higgins Lake a much deeper lake. Houghton Lake is a shallow lake with the deepest point about 20 feet. About 1/4 is 3 feet and under, but that still leaves 15,000 acres ripe for sailing. Plenty of wind and good people. WHY no Sailboats?? The depth?? I would love to generate some interest in sailing and especially the SCOT.  Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks in Advance


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Are there lots of power boats?  Is there a sailing club?  

On a lake that size, is it possible that the sailing is concentrated in a specific, deeper area?

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There are many boats, mostly

There are many boats, mostly pontoons.  But with the size of the lake, it’s never congested.  There are no sailing clubs .   


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