FS 5136 for sale


United States
34° 6' 19.9224" N, 81° 17' 10.032" W

Flying Scot 1997 40th anniversary edition with teal colored hull and white deck

Hull # 5136 and located on Lake Murray – Columbia SC - $8,700

The boat is well rigged but not “radical race rigged”.  It has two sets of sails – main, jib and spinnaker.  The older spinnaker matches the color of the hull but does not match numbers.  The hull, deck and trailer are in good condition but with normal dings and such from the previous owner – always blame the previous owner. 

Newer set of sails from Ullman Sails in very good condition  - small patch on the spinnaker

Older set of practice/cruising sails in fair condition

Jib sheets led to seat

Spinnaker Pole

Spinnaker lines on top of the coaming

Spinnaker halyard retractor – could stand a new halyard

Topping lift and downhaul

Boom vang and Internal outhaul

New heavier forestay

Twist lock tiller extension

Bow flotation bag

Standard grab line and drain port on the transom

Stainless retracting ladder and grip

Nice rudder lift kit

North boat cover with a couple of small nicks (boom down) – can be used on the road with mast down

Regatta cockpit cover (several patches) but in very usable

Galvanized trailer with good tires

Traveling crutches for the mast (fore and aft)

Email Bud @ FS5136@sc.rr.com

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Price reduction

Price reduced to 8200