FS 4120 For Sale - Refurbished and in Excellent Condition

Flying  Scot    # 4120   For Sale    

Asking  $6,800

Contact – Jamey Fisher at   fisher.jamey@gmail.com

- Race Ready, Refurbished, Excellent Condition

- Comfortable, stable, and fast

- Douglas built in 1985

- White with blue stripe and blue bottom

- 5 sails, (2 mains, 2 jibs, spinnaker)

- Spinnaker pole

- Spinnaker halyard take-up reel

- Underdeck spinnaker sheets

- Forward jib blocks and cleats

- New Bow Buoyancy Bag

- Upgraded sheets

- Tactical compass

- Full Sailor Taylor Cover

- Always sailed in fresh water until this year

- Boat is fast and in excellent shape

Galvanized Trailer Recently Re-built Including:

-Refurbished Finish

-Newer tires with galvanized wheels

-Bunks and rollers up-graded

-New carpet on bunks

-New stainless and galvanized fasteners

Boat currently in Sarasota, Florida




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