Flying Scot cockpit cover for sale

The Ephraim Yacht Club (Ephraim, WI) has a surplus Flying Scot cockpit cover for sale.  Price $100 plus $15 shipping via Fed Ex ground to any continental U.S. address.

This cover is in good shape.  It's made of a standard nylon cover fabric.  It includes the line loops you see in the pictures but not the bugie cords.  It does not have a maker's tag on it so I can't tell what make it is.  It has been patched in a couple of places, in a professional manner (see pictures).

It was donated to the EYC but we don't use covers on our boats so we are selling it to raise funds.  

If interested please contact

Thanks and best regards,

Jay Lott

Ephraim Yacht Club Equipment committee

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Please send the infromation as where to send a check. Email: or (410) 571-3770.               Thanks!

Marv Pozefsky

FS 733

SOLD! sorry

Item has been sold