Flying Scot #476 has a new owner!

I almost hate to use the word "owner." It feels like it should be "caretaker" instead. 

I put my dad in my truck on Thursday and we journeyed a little while east of my home in New Kensington, PA to close the deal and pick up hull #476 from her previous caretaker. He had done a great job maintaining her and paying attention to wear issues. I received the boat in mostly stock condition. A few interesting additions were a set of simple winches for the jib sheets, a pair of cheek blocks mounted on the afterdeck (one on each side), and a brand new, uninstalled mast hinge pin (along with the old one, which had already been removed). The old hinge pin looked original, and compared to the new one, I could see why he was worried and replaced it. Also interesting (at least to me) was that all of the cleats were horn style. The only jam cleat was on the mainsheet block. 

With a boat of this vintage, I was worried about the hull condition, but I found it to be in tip-top shape! The centerboard gasket was replaced proactively a year or so ago. The rudder was rebuilt and looks practically new. Overall, it is in really good shape. I have only a few fixes on my list, including new running rigging (the previous caretaker said some of it was in need of replacement, so I knew that), maybe a new forestay (it is in good condition, but is the older, thinner stay; the side stays are almost brand new and are the 1/8th inch cables), and maybe some jam cleats for the jib sheets for when I'm singlehanding. I might also eventually have to replace the mainsheet block and cleat, as those two are pretty old. 

Today, I installed the new hinge pin. That went together surprisingly easily. I just hope now that it is positioned correctly. There looked to be a bit of play there. While I was doing that, I found a block of foam on the sole. It looks like it fits up and behind the seats, and may have bounced loose on the way home. Do these blocks just slide up and back to keep them in place? Or is there some special trick? I didn't try, as the boat was on the trailer but not secured to a vehicle, so I didn't want to step on the wrong side of the CG. 

This Spring, my dad is going to give me a hand repainting the trailer. It isn't in bad shape, but it has some surface rust and could look much better. 

I've been looking for a Scot I could afford for a long while. I needed something that wasn't a huge project, but also was in my (small) price range. I'm so happy to be the new caretaker of #476 (a Customflex hull), and can't wait to get her out for a sail! Now I guess I need to figure out if she will get a name (even if unofficial) or not!



Foam block

Hi, I bought 760 last year, also custom flex and in good shape.

yes the foam on mine is up behind the seats all the way on both sides. Two pieces on each side. Mine is held tight by fiberglass straps epoxied to the hull and seats.

i see this was posted some time ago but no replies

good luck


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Another new owner

I became a Scot owner/caretaker about a year-and-a-half ago - it's a great boat to own.

There are two active fleets, #80 at Lake Arthur and #200 at Pymatuning, not far from New Kennsington.  Feel free to get in touch using the fleet contacts on the FSSA web site.

Adrian (Capt, Fleet 200)

I owned #427 for almost 25

I owned #427 for almost 25 years and it was always a good boat for me. Won a lot of races, often as the oldest boat in the fleet.  You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of this one.