Creating and Editing National Event Components

Creating New National Event Components

All new National Event component are created from the "Create Content" page.

Before any other part of the National Event can be created, an Event Host Site for the National Event must exist.  The Event Host Site is included within the National Event and ties all the location information for the event.  The location information encompasses the lodging suggestions, dining recommenations and local attractions.

Once the Event Host Site is ready, it is time to create the National Event.  The rest of the National Event components refer to the National Event itself.

So now that National Event is created you may create any of the other components.  In particular it is recommended to create the following right after:

  • Event Crew Available/Needed
  • Event Schedule
  • Event Volunteers
  • Event Entrants

Having these as placeholders will make it easier when you more naturally are editing.


Eventually as the event date approaches you will likely need to update many of the National Event components.  This is done through the National Event EDIT menu found at the bottom of each National Event page.

Once you select one of the components to edit, you will see the component(s) itself.  You then click on the component title.  This will bring you to component's native page.  From there you can select the "EDIT" tab near the top to actually change the component.  Once it is altered to your liking be sure to hit the SAVE button at the bottom to record your changes.