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I have hull 611 ( Customflex made June of 1963 according to the stamps on the underseat foam)with a rotted core. I removed the rotted area before ordering my materials. On the drawing from Flying Scot, Directly aft of the centerboard trunk it shows balsa blocks but my boat has what appears to be some kind of rot resistant wood that is one board the whole length From Centerboard back to the stern. This board is saturated and slightly rotted. has anyone ever seen this before? Can it be replaced? Should it be replaced?

The starboard side of the hull is totally rotten and the port side is half rotten.

Rear CB trunk to stern1.17 MB
Starboard side CB trunk looking aft1.5 MB
Port side CB trunk looking aft1.64 MB
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the topic has been discussed in the past.  A good start would be to search "balsa core repair" .

after that, I would contact Harry at FS Inc and get his input.  Nobody knows how to fix these boats better.

Phil Scheetz

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Grind it all smooth as a

Grind it all smooth as a baby's bottom.  Do not stand in it !  Without core it is very flimsy.  Dig/grind out around the trunk/floor area - leave no wet wood anywhere.  Then, follow FS balsa lay-up schedule, but it does not have to be EXACTLY the same as theirs.  I have done it boths ways - individual balsa wood and balsa on a scrim.  Most important is to get hull dry, smooth, clean and use the same glass layup as spec'd ( make sure you get a good bond between the hull, glass, and balsa wood.  Then, when balsa is stuck on and dry, sand new balsa til uniform and smooth - vacuum clean - then glass on top.  ( I have filled voids with thickened resin and cabosil first ) then glassed while that is still wet.  Comes out great !

The hard part is the digging, scraping, grinding of the old balsa...

Good luck.

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