Centerboard Repair

Hello, the leading edge of my centerboard needs repair.  Any suggestions for a detailed repair guide/link?  Thanks!


How bad is it?

Is the lead showing?

Have you worked with gelcoat before?


Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Thanks Phil.  it is about 1

Thanks Phil.  it is about 1 inch deep and 2-3 in long.  I had planned to use 12:1 and grind it down, repair w/ fiberglass/West Systems epoxy, fair using 407, then just brush gelcoat the reapair area.  I have just enough experience to be dangerous and know how this goes....curious if there is a better fairnng compound I should use or specific glass, and if there is a centerboard template?  Thanks again.



Eric Chaney

Check with factory.

Check with Tyler at Flying Scot inc, for the template.

west system has fairing agents. Be sure to have a good mechanical bond, and sometimes gelcoat doesn’t like to stick to epoxy.

Also, be sure your gelcoat is finishing gelcoat or has wax, to be sure it will cure and not be tacky.

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Been there... Done that

Take the two axis run them straight to find the shape.  Sand the bottom paint off in an area larger than the repair.  Wipe with acetone.  Then, grind away all the loose glass till you get to clean, solid glass, removing the gelcoat too - 12:1 is fine.  Clean area with acetone.  You glass the two sides at two different times.  I used a roving and mat sandwich with polystyrene resin ( regular resin with parafin ).  Start with mat and end with mat.

On a flat table. Take a pc of cardboard, place it under the CB area you're going to glass. Lay the CB on top of the cardboard.   Then, precut your alternating mat roving layering first - smaller cuts will go down first. Lay in place to make sure it'll cover the area you want glassed ( Remember 12:1 ).  Wet out area with catalized resin with a brush and then put your fiberglass down -- put more layers than you need - you can always grind it away.  Let the glass lay onto the cardboard - ( it's going to cure to the cardboard - you'll grind it away later ) - use a glass/ resin roller to smooth out the glass and get bubbles out.  Let it cure.  Next day, peel the cardboard off, grind off whats still stuck, clean with acetone and repeat same thing, cardboard, wet with brush, lay precut glass down, roll, glassing right on top of 'yesterday's glass'.  Let it kick.  Your two glass jobs will bond together to one. Then, take a straight edge using the two axis as a reference.  Using a permanent marker, mark the edge on the board.  Grind to shape.  Bottom paint.  Go sail !  

Provide your email and I'll send you some pix as a reference.





Check with factory

Thanks, great suggestion to get the template from Tyler, thx

Eric Chaney

done that

Appreciate the info!  thanks

Eric Chaney

I just sent the pix to you.

I just sent the pix to you.  My repair was larger than yours seems to be.  However, the process would be the same.  I did glass it with wax free resin and as it was tacky, I used a fiberglass putty called DuraGlass to cover it all. Then I let it kick.  Then, I grinded it roughly to the shape and then sanded with 80 ngrit to get it where I wanted it.