Cedarpoint Yacht Club NACs

We’re at the fourth day of the NACs and I haven’t blogged yet! I’m going to make a quick installment. Let’s call this the food chapter.We’ll talk about yesterday’s racing tonight.


So let’s talk about the food! The first night of the NACs, before we’d even sailed a single race, there was a spread of hors d’oeuvres that most would have called dinner, but no, Cedarpoint Yacht Club was not satisfied with that offering, which included things like cream cheese topped with jam and jalapeno peppers and spread on bread, chicken wings, great TexMex dips, good mix of cheeses and more.


Then came dinner. For dinner, we had a pasta bar, with the chefs standing by to serve up a choice of four kinds of pasta, and marinara sauce, pesto or a vodka/cream sauce. I’m telling you, we ate like kings!


Last night, which was Wednesday, we had a clambake on Sprite Island Yacht Club, the co-hosts of the regatta. Sprite Island is just what it sounds like, an island. To get there we were picked up by one of a fleet of little flat-bottomed motorboats driven by a team of handsome young men. It was a gorgeous evening with enough wind to keep most of the bugs away and they had a great band playing music we recognized, like Van Morrison and Creedence Clearwater Revival and Jimmy Buffett. Forrest Rogers’ wife, Betty, told us about the lovely view on the backside of the island, so we walked around and found ourselves on a bluff overlooking the Sound. There was a club race going on over at Cedarpoint Yacht Club, which we could see easily. Shortly after we returned, the lobster/steak dinner was served. Sandy Eustis announced at our table that, of the last 15 NACs he attended, this was the best ever. It was hard to disagree.