Brand New Demo Boat FS 5955 Available at the Wife-Husband Regatta, Delevan

I just heard from Harry that he is planning to bring a brand new Demo boat to the Wife-Husband regatta at Delevan, July 29-31.  This is yet another reason you should plan to attend this year's Wife-Husband regatta, which promises to be a terrific event.  Delevan hosted the 2009 Districts in high style, with great racing and hospitality.  The wife-husband should be superb.  Deb and I hope to see you there.

The new demo boat that Harry is bringing to Delevan is a chance to buy a brand new boat at the demo boat price.  Speaking from experience, this is a great deal.  Deb and I acquired our new boat "Sophie" FS 5897 at the close of the Egyptian Cup two years ago.  This boat was right out of the mold and Harry literally dangled this beautiful boat just in front of us all weekend during the races.  Deb and I  made a quite spontaneous decision to buy 5897 during the awards ceremony of that Egyptian Cup, and we have never looked back.  We keep Sophie as our "road ready" regatta boat, and sail our older Scot "Suzie-Q" FS 3683  at Clinton Lake in the club races.  I can sincerely say that buying Sophie was one of the best decisions we've made over the years.  We've thoroughly enjoyed campaigning this very fast and beautiful boat.  Here's a photo (by Photoboat) of Sophie at last week's NACs (bow 28).

The new demo boat includes a radical racing rig.  All the details are shown below:

Flying Scot 5955, complete –
White hull and white deck, dark blue trim and gray gel coat centerboard cap
Mad Sails – main, jib and spinnaker – choice of colors as sails are not ordered yet
Mast hinge
Trailex aluminum trailer with nose wheel and tie-down
Spinnaker pole     
360 swivel cleat for centerboard     
Ronstan X-10 hike out stick
Mast head fly
3:1 purchase on main sheet – light blocks (Conception line 5/16”)
Spinnaker halyard led aft with reel           
Spinnaker guy hooks on deck with cleats at chainplates (flat adjusters)     
Spinnaker sheets (Conception line 3/16”) – internal system with ratchets under seat
Outhaul – 6:1 internal wire           
Cunningham – 6:1 led through deck and cleated to console
Vang – 12:1 cascading led aft to console cleat           
Pole lift led through deck to console cleat – 2:1           
Pole downhaul – shock cord through deck
Spinnaker turtles on forward seat corners
Jib sheets – 2:1 cleated on seat with auto ratchet (Conception line ¼”)
Hike-out line on centerboard cap
Anchor and 100’ of line
Paddle - wood
Spare tire with mount
Bucket & chamois
Throwable cushion
Radical Race Package                 

Discounted Demo Price including delivery to regatta                         $16,900.00