Boat # 6125

2017 Flying Scot Complete - white deck and white hull with blue and white spatter and flyway blue waterline and short red cove stripes and mahogany center board cap. Mast hinge, trailer and tie down, Spinnaker rig and tapered pole, 360 swivel cleats for center board, Rostand X-10 h-o stick with clip (replaced below).  Seat cleating for jib with auto rachets, spinnaker halyard led aft with reel, spinnaker guy hooks on deck with cleats at chain plates, spinnaker sheets- internal system with auto rachets under seat , outhaul - 6.1 internal wire, Cunningham 6 -:1 led through deck and cleated to console, Vang 12:1 cascade led aft to console cleat,  pole lift 2:1 led through deck to console cleat , pole downhaul - shock cord through deck (moved aft to mast). Schur gasket installed, vertical rudder blade, set snug rig rake and tension for racing, radical race package complete FSSA hull and sail measurement certificates. Sails almost new set of sails (main, Jib, spinnaker) and another set of sails. Trailex aluminum trailer, wood compass mount on stanchion, swim ladder and grab rail, adjustable hike out sticks in lieu of standard nose wheel jack spare tire and locking mount, Windex mast head fly in lieu of standard.  Price $19,995   

Please contact: Ray Laguna, email address  or call 407-257-0992


Hull Number: 
Flying Scot Inc.


Orlando 32812