Antique Flying Scot spinnaker poles for sale

The Ephraim Yacht Club (Ephraim,WI) has two antique Flying Scot spinnaker poles for sale.  These are the original pole which you could purchase way back when, before there were high tech poles made of aluminum.....

These poles include the original brass end fittings, and are in working condition.

Anyway, you could still use these for sailing (if you are in to the whole antiquarianism thing) or they would make a nice wall display for your home or yacht club.

Buy one or both.  $40 each plus $15 shipping each to anywhere in the continental US via Fedex ground.  To buy contact

pole_1.jpg1.55 MB
pole_2.jpg1.54 MB


They are made of wood, if

They are made of wood, if that was not clear from the original post.

I'll take the one on the RIGHT!

I can PayPal you the cash...send me an email


NEVER MIND I emailed

I didn't finish reading...but I did as you asked and emailed


Both sold sorry!

Both sold sorry!