And the winner of the 2018 Egyptian Cup Regatta is...


2018EC2nd 2018EC2nd

1st Place Ben Williams and Deb Aronson 

Photo by Eric Bussell

2nd Place Bruce and Lynn Kitchen

Photo by Eric Bussell

Carlyle Lake Sailing Association hosted another great Egyptian Cup Regatta where 26 boats were on the line!  THis is a great turnout and we all wish we could have been there.  There was racing on Saturday with 3 races but on Sunday, the wind was not as cooperative.  The winners were Ben Williams and Deb Aronson with Bruce and Lynn Kitchen in second.  Full results are at here   

We all know that the Flying Scot class is like family.  The late Greg Vitt was a wonderful Flying Scot member and skipper for his wife Linda, and he is missed by all his family and friends. Linda has carried on the tradition and is skippering their boat now - inspitrng!  The regatta team held a tribute to Greg and their other boat was renamed at the event "Eye of the Storm".  Such a touching moment!

2018ECvitt2  2018Vitt

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