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Harry & Karen’s Story


Harry Carpenter grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. His parents bought a summer home at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland in 1967 and he soon came to know the sport of sailing. He started racing the Flying Scot as crew to his older brother, Jack, in the early seventies, winning the Labor Day Regatta in their first year. Harry loved the sport of sailing and got out on the water whenever he had the chance.

In the mid seventies, Eric Ammann asked Harry to become an instructor in the company's new sailing school on the lake. Harry jumped at the opportunity to get paid for doing something he loved while attending school. Harry graduated from Grove City College in western Pennsylvania in June of 1978 and started to work full time at the Company with Eric and Mary.

Harry continued to do what he loved most in this world — sail. He began to travel to many of the local events and in the fall of 1979 he met Karen while sailing in a regatta at Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke, Virginia. Harry and Karen started dating and their time together soon grew to be one of the few things Harry loved more than sailing. 

They were married in April of 1981 and continued sailing together at many of the local and national Flying Scot regattas.  In January of 1982 Harry and Karen were blessed with their first child, Carrie. She was nine weeks old when she attended her first Midwinters in Panama City, Florida. In December of 1983, they were blessed with their second child, Jimmy. The kids traveled with their parents to many of the regattas over the years as the family grew as a sailing family. Harry and Karen managed to win some of the events, including the 1988 North American Championship and multiple Wife-Husband Championships, but what they cherish most are the life-long friendships they developed with Flying Scot sailors all over the country.

Harry and Karen liked the Flying Scot so well that in 1991 they bought the company. Harry is still in love with his family and the sport of sailing. He is blessed to be able to work and sail with Karen and Carrie, and to share his life-long passion with Carrie and Jimmy. Carrie and Jimmy still crew for him and he and Jimmy won his second North American Championship in 2000.

Tyler & Carrie’s Story


As mentioned above, Carrie has spent her entire life sailing, teaching in, and racing Flying Scots. She inherited her Dad’s passion not only for the sport of sailing but for the Flying Scot and the people that sail it all over the country. Growing up going to regattas has blessed her with a strong network of friends that are extended family. While she doesn’t have a NAC win under her belt like her parents and brother, she does have two US Sailing Women's Championship for the Adams Cup gold medals, which she won with fellow Flying Scot sailors Joni Palmer and Meredith Hillyer.

Carrie graduated from James Madison University with a degree in accounting in 2004 and went on to obtain an MBA and finally her CPA license. This led her to what she thought would be a career in public accounting, however her heart was always with Flying Scots. She has always passionately felt that the relationship Sandy, Eric, and her father have cultivated and maintained with the class was extremely important and that when Harry was ready to retire the next person to build Flying Scots would need to protect this relationship.

Carrie’s accounting career led her to Indianapolis, Indiana, where she worked for a small public accounting firm. She thought that moving to Indiana may be the end of local Flying Scot sailing as she didn’t know of any but figured she could still get a lot of sailing in with the various fleets in the Midwest District. Little did she know that Scot sailor Deb Aronson would connect the dots after speaking with Harry and Karen at the Chicago Boat Show and put local Indianapolis sailor Geoff Endris in touch with Carrie. Geoff reached out and informed Carrie that there were a few Flying Scots sailing on Eagle Creek Reservoir and that he hoped to start a fleet. Carrie was more than happy to jump on board and joined the Eagle Creek Sailing Club. Geoff started the fleet and the fleet hosted the Midwest Districts the following year.

It was during the Midwest Districts at Eagle Creek that Carrie met Tyler. Harry was crewing for Carrie in the Districts and while the event was going on Tyler was at the club giving a sailing lesson in a Laser. Past FSSA president and fellow Midwest District sailor Frank Gerry was at the event and after the sailing was done and the party had begun offered to introduce Carrie to some of the younger sailors at Eagle Creek. (His son grew up sailing with them). Frank introduced Carrie to Tyler at the beer keg and they spent the rest of the night talking. Tyler asked Carrie out on a date the next day and the rest is history!

While Tyler is still fairly new to the Flying Scot, he had spent a lot of time sailing the cousins of the Flying Scot – the Thistle and the Highlander (all Sandy designs). Tyler began sailing at 13 when he taught himself after being given a small sailboat by his uncle. His love for the sport grew and he traveled all over the country sailing his Laser in various championships, even qualifying for the Olympic trials. Carrie and Tyler started sailing together right away and enjoy following in Harry and Karen’s footsteps by traveling the country together sailing Flying Scots with friends.

In 2015, Carrie and Tyler relocated from Indianapolis back to Carrie’s hometown of Oakland, Maryland, to begin working at the Company with Harry and Karen. Their dream is to one day run the Company and continue on the legacy Sandy, Eric, Mary, Harry, and Karen have built. The shoes they have to fill are big but they are blessed to have the continued guidance, knowledge, and support of Harry and Karen and truly enjoy working together as a family. In September of 2016, Carrie and Tyler welcomed their first child, William, into the world and are looking forward to bringing up another Flying Scot sailor to carry on the family tradition!


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