2019 Midwinters at Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL - Photos

2019MWCHampionship 2019MWCHall
Championship Division Winners Jeff and Amy Smith Linton who beat out an awesome fleet of sailors to finish at the top - well deserved! Challenger Division WInners Karen Jones and CHuck Tanner who won 6 out of 8 races and voluntarily retired from a race but still finished at the top of the fleet!
2019MWMoyle 2019MWchair
Winner of the prestigious Allen Douglas Award for Spostmanship was Jim Moyle pictured here with FSSA President Bill Vogler and fellow Fleet 135 member Deb Aronson.  Our wonderful Regatta Chairperson John Pether who worked tielessly to ensure everyone had a great time and no stone was left unturned!

We are all so very proud of Jim Moyle for his willingness to help out a fellow Flying Scot sailing team. After driving many hours from Minnesota to sail in the Midwinters, he drove 3 hours in the opposite direction to pick up a stranded couple and their boat so they, too, could participate in the regatta! Note that Jim felt what he did was no big deal and anyone would have done it!  But we are not so sure that just anyone would have done it and the fact is that HE is the one who did it - what a guy!

And if you are wondereing where the rest of the photos are from this fabulous event, here are links to a few  (hundred) more photos.Feel free to use the photos, but please give credit to the photographers if you choose to publidh them.

Photos by Jim Faugust can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/41106915@N04/sets/72157707776782424/

Photos by Jennifer Walker can be found at https://jenniferjoywalker.smugmug.com/Luffing-Lassies-SSS/Flying-Scotts-at-SSS-2019/n-wVMLvB

Photos by Diane Kampf can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/41106915@N04/albums/72157707552218755


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