2018 Wife Husbands at Jackson Yacht Club, Ridgeland, MS - racing Day 1


The Wife Husband Championship scheduled race start was 10:55 AM and the PRO George Hero and the Race Committee were right on time! On a beautiful sunny day in the 70's with a WSW wind that moderated from 8 MPH down to 4, the 29 Championship and 7 Challenger teams completed Race 1. Although most boats went left, right seemed to be the way to go because the boats that started late and went right, caught up to the boats that went left. The wind died near the end of the race and several boats did not finish within the time limit - a few from each fleet.   And then there was none - wind that is, The wind just died so up went the postpone flag and we waited. Who can complain being out on the water on a beautiful sunny day? Some boats were trying to stay closer to the club, and each time some wind showed up, it went away as fast as ir appeared. But then - after over an hour of waiting - there was finally enough wid to start Race 2. This time going right was NOT the way to go, but several boats went right and were pretty far behind the rest. The Challenger Fleet had very little wind for their start, so they started a little slow. The wind never really came back near the Committee Boat and by the end of the Challenger Race, the boats had to be towed in from the "no wind" area. Championship Leaders after 2 races are (1) Jeff and Amy Smith Linton, (2) Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu and (3) John and Sharon Wake   Challenger Leaders after Day 1 are (1) Bill Vogler and Jill Rendleman, (2) Barry and Tracy Hambrick and (3) Derrick and Gwynn Van Valkenburg.   A Cajun dinner is planned for tonight with live music and loads of fun. We'll be back at it again tomorrow.   Full results are here.


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