2018 Wife Husbands at Jackson Yacht Club, Ridgeland, MS - 35 boats are here!

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It's a bit chily today here in Mississippi but that has not dampened the spirits of the regatta team or the 35 Wife-Husband teams that have come from 7 states to compete.  Regatta Chair Jim Leggette and team have made sure we all got checked in, boats parked, cars and campers parked, barbecued ribs on the grill and plenty of beverages ready for us,  There was lots of time to say hello to all our friends and   And then after the announcements and skippers meeting, some southern cooking featuring fried catfish and peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert.  And what would a Flying Scot regatta be without bagpipes - yup, they have those too!  Can't wait for tomorrow to get out on the water since we're told that will be sunny with the temperature in the 70's!

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