2018 Wife-Husband Championship - Registration is open!




This message is from Jim Leggette, regatta chairperson:

Now is the time to make your plans to attend this year’s Flying Scot Wife Husband championships. The regatta will be hosted by the Jackson Yacht Club on October 26 - 28.  Look for an article about the regatta in the next issue of Scots and Water to see what we have planned.  To wet your appetite, take a peek at the video for the regatta.  Then go to our Regatta Network site to sign up and for information about housing, etc. and to get registered.   We have a number of members who live near the club available to host you for the weekend so make those arrangements soon. 

The chatter at the North Americans indicated that Team Florida will be sending a large group for this event.  No doubt the Dallas Flash Fleet is not going to get outdone by the Sunshine State.  Perhaps we should have a friendly wager between the two states on who brings the most boats with the stakes being barbeque sauce or some similar “state specific” treat.    Anybody up for the challenge?

Congratulations to Steve and Renne Comen from Dallas who won a bar fifty dollar credit for being the first paid registration for the regatta!   Keep an eye on FSSA and our Facebook page for some more things to get you ready for the trip and the regatta.

In the words of Johnny Cash, you will have time that is “hotter than a pepper sprout.” So who is “goin’ to Jackson?”

PS – Since it appears our group enjoys bushwhackers a machine will be on site to make this libation for those who like such things. 

Contact and registration information  here.

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