2018 NY Lakes Districts at Central Adirondack Sailing Association, Inlet, NY


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Some of the leaders showing off their colors

FS Hull #32 competing well even at its advanced age of 61 

Submitted by Liz Cowles pictures by Frank and Carolyn Belknap

The Central Adirondack Sailing Association hosted the Flying Scot New York Lakes District Championship in Inlet, NY on 7/28-7/29.  This Regatta also served as the Blakeman Regatta for the Flying Scott Fleet 104 Championship.  18 boats sailed in very challenging conditions on beautiful Fourth Lake.  Winds were generally from the Westerly direction, but as is typical for lake sailing in the mountains, never stayed in any one direction for very long.  A total of 5 races were sailed over two days.  Wind velocity ranged from 5-22 knots, often on each leg of the triangle and Olympic courses.

Saturday was a bit overcast, but temperatures were in the 70’s and the wind came in at about 10AM to provide a full day of racing.  Each race seemed to feature a different challenge; from starts in light air to legs with 20+ knots.  Huge wind shifts would shuffle the positions and make large leads appear and disappear like magic.  The downwind legs went from reaches too tight to carry a spinnaker to dead runs with many jibes.  Good crew work was at a premium and several crews were heard questioning the sanity of the skippers after the 10th or so jibe on a downwind leg.  Sunday was beautiful and sunny and more of the same windy conditions (except when there was no wind).  Overall, the regatta provided two days of great racing in a beautiful mountain setting.

As is usually the case in the Flying Scot class, this was a very family oriented affair as there were numerous wife/husband, father/son, father/daughter and sister/brother teams.  It was also great to see FS hull #32, a 61 year old boat, out racing and even leading the fleet at times.

The hosts did a fantastic job and the Woods Inn provided a beautiful site to serve as the base of operations.  Ryan Malmgren of MAD Sails put on a sail trim and boat tuning seminar Friday evening before racing got started.  Beer and wine were served after sailing each day and the Saturday evening dinner was superb.  Inlet, NY is a very happening place in the summer and there was a classical music concert and fireworks on Friday night, another concert and outdoor play on Saturday afternoon and a concert by the US Army band on Sunday afternoon.  If there hadn’t been any wind we could have had a great weekend on shore!

Full results are here.

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