2018 NAC at Rush Creek Yacht Club, Heath, TX - Finals Day 2


The NAC at Rush Creek Yacht Club in Heath, TX, had another awesome weather day, with south/southwest winds 10-12 mph and 80 degrees.  With only a few minutes delay to make sure the pin was set correctly, both the Championship and Challenger Divisions had started by 10:30.  We had 2 5-leg windward leeward races.  In race 3, the Challenger Division was anxious to start and there was a general recall.  In their restart, we did not see a flag indicating that any boats were over early.  

The wind had shifted quite a bit from south to southwest in race 3 so the marks and gates were moved accordingly. In race 4, it was the Championship Division with a general recall.

In both races, leads changed often for both divisions.  In race 1 there ws a clear split between boats going left and right, but in race 2, not so clear.  We had one boat that lost a main halyard but no other issues for the safety boat today. After race 4 the top 3 in Championship are Zeke and Jay Horowitz, Tyler Andrews and Bill Bruss, and Jeff and Amy Smith Linton.  In Challenger, the top 3 are Steve and Renee Comen, Jody Smith and Annette Johnson and Randy Pawlowski and Rafael Melendez. 

One more race tomorrow will determine the final winners.  Tonight is the Annual Meeting and Banquet and Rush Creek Yacht Club has planned a great dinner for us!

Full results are here http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=15921&show_crew=1

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