2018 NAC at Rush Creek Yacht Club, Heath, TX - Finals Day 1


The 2018 NAC Day 1 Finals had a nice south to southwest 12 mph breeze in the morning, so 51 of the 52 boats ventured out for race 1. With the sun disappearing behind the clouds, the morning stayed in the low 80s and the folks who went right seemed to get the best lifts so the places changed again and again in both the Championship and Challenger Divisions. The RC ran a 5-leg windward leeward race that lasted a little over an hour. The wind moderated and picked up a few times to about 15 mph but the breeze stayed. The finish of the Championship Division was about as close as it gets, with Zeke and Jay Horowitz nosing out Samuel and Mike Mandell and Tyler Andrews and Bill Bruss.  The next 10 boats came in within 2 minutes of the lead boat!  In the Challenger Division, things were very different.  Forest and Mandy Atkins had a nice horizon job on the rest of the fleet, so far ahead that I could not get a picture of them finishing that showed the boats behind them- they went right both times!

We came back in for lunch and went back out for a 2PM start.  The wind had better ideas and the postpone flag went up.  When we got out to the race course, the wind had died and we waited over an hour before beginning to tow boats back in.  Wait, there‚Äôs more!

A little after 4PM the RC decided to go back out and we had race 2!  The wind was about 10-12 mph from the south and course 5 (windward leeward 5 legs) was posted.  The wind laid down a bit and the RC shortened the course to finish at the gates.  After 2 races, the top 3 in Championship are Zeke and Jay Horowitz, Griffin Orr and Tim Ponter, and Kelly and Heidi Gough.  In Challenger the top 3 are Melissa and Eric Hemker, Jody Smith and Annette Johnson, and Randy Pawlowski and Rafael Melendez.  Full results are here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=15921&show_crew=1

Pictures from today are being uploaded to: https://imageevent.com/ericbussell/nac2018tuesday

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