Midwest District

The Midwest District encompasses fleets in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our active fleets are at Wilmette Harbor, Lake Carlyle, and Clinton Lake in Illinois, Lake Freeman in Indiana, Lake McBride in Iowa, Medicine Lake in Minnesota, and Ephraim, Madison, Neenah, and Delevan Lake in Wisconsin.

Our District Governor is Bronson Bowling from the Lake Carlyle Fleet. the Midwest District is also home to FSSA Past President Frank Gerry, Scots n' Water Editor Deb Aronson and FSSA President Bill Vogler. Read more about the Midwest on the blog

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Some great photos from the midwinters are posted on the Florida District blog:
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All of the photos on Picassa.

Deb's Midwinters Wrap Up

Banyan Tree at Ringling Museum

Links to the the 2011 Midwinter Championship Results


This morning a monster storm came through and we stayed snug and dry in our new tent. Ben and I made a dash for the car in a lull but when we got there, the car – all the cars — were sitting in a pond. Since my feet were already sopping wet and I had capris on, I volunteered to get the car. I figured the puddle was just a few inches deep. Instead I went in up to the edge of my capris and my shoes practically floated off my feet! Still, I hopped in, picked up Ben and we headed to town for breakfast.

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