Midwest District

The Midwest District encompasses fleets in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our active fleets are at Wilmette Harbor, Lake Carlyle, and Clinton Lake in Illinois, Lake Freeman in Indiana, Lake McBride in Iowa, Medicine Lake in Minnesota, and Ephraim, Madison, Neenah, and Delevan Lake in Wisconsin.

Our District Governor is Bronson Bowling from the Lake Carlyle Fleet. the Midwest District is also home to FSSA Past President Frank Gerry, Scots n' Water Editor Deb Aronson and FSSA President Bill Vogler. Read more about the Midwest on the blog

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Flying Scot Midwinters, day two...

Ben and I came to New Orleans for the Flying Scot Midwinters and are enjoying the trip so far, though so far we've sailed as much as if our boat were still in storage!

Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, we sailed three races Sunday in the warmup regatta in great conditions, but since the official regatta started yesterday, New Orleans has been socked in with bad weather and too much wind. You know it's windy when they ban trucks from driving across the Lake Ponchartrain bridge because they'll be blown over. That's been the case the last two days.

Spring, and Sailing, Just Around the Corner

We had several inquiries the last week about dates for the annual Glow regatta. That tells me spring, and sailing season, is around the corner and we better get crackin'. So here it is, this year's Glow will be held August 24-26 at Clinton Lake (Illinois). Other Midwest District dates that are important: June 23-29 NACs at Carlyle Lake, August 3-5 Ephraim Regatta (also Midwest Districts). We haven't heard yet the date for the Egyptian Cup or the Whale of a Sail, both at Carlyle Lake.

107th Annual Ephraim Regatta & 2012 District Championship

The 107th annual Ephraim Regatta will also be the 2012 Flying Scot
Midwestern District Championship regatta.  Dates are August 3-5.  For more
information, keep an eye on www.eyc.org/racing.  Forty to fifty Scots are
expected (last time the EYC hosted this event, in 2005, we had fifty-four
Scots!)  The EYC is well known for quality race management and friendly
hospitality; in 2009 the EYC won U.S. Sailing's One-Design Regatta of the
Year award for hosting the Flying Scot NAC.  Our racing venue of Eagle

Tempting the Wind Gods...

Ben and I traveled to the Privateer Yacht Club in Chattanooga last weekend to participate in their District Championships. Two boats from that club came to our districts/Glow this year and this was an opportunity to reciprocate. Plus, it's just a really friendly club and one we get to every year, though usually in the spring. Anyway, the wind was strong both days. Probably about 18 mph, but the race committee did say one gust on Saturday measured 23.5. So, it was hard work.

Midwest District edition of Scots N Water...

Well, we don't have a longer post on the Glow to offer you; things got a little crazy right after that even, what with one child going to France for the semester and another starting college in California. Sorry about that! Still, you can read all about the Glow and the Whale/Egyptian/Leukemia Cup held at Carlyle Lake in the next edition of Scots N Water.We tried to submit a ton of stories so everyone will know what an active, friendly district we have!

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