Gulf District

The Gulf District encompasses several fleets along and near the Gulf of Mexico from Florida's panhandle to Louisiana and one fleet in Arkansas.

Active fleets in Florida include Choctawhatchee Bay in Ft.Walton Beach, Garcon Point Spirited Sailors in Bagdad, St.Andrew Bay in Panama City and Pensacola Bay in Pensacola. In Mississippi we have Bay St.Louis and in Arkansas we have Grand Maumelle Sailing Club in Little Rock. In Louisiana we have Lake Arthur in Lafayette and New Orleans and Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans.

The District Governor is Larry Taggart, who is also FSSA Parliamentarian. The Gulf District is also home to FSSA Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Claypool.

2018 Wife Husbands at Jackson Yacht Club, Ridgeland, MS - It's a Wrap!

2018WHchamp 2018WHchall
CHampionship Winners - Jeff and Amy Smith Li nton Challenger Winners - FSSA President Bill Vogler and Jill 
2018WHfirsttime 2018WHll
Best first time team - Maryann and John Hopper The closest distance between lodging and launching ever!

Sorry for the delay in getting this published.  I ran into some technical issues and could not get steady internet access until now.  Since we drove 1500 miles to get to Mississippi, we are still travelling home. Meanwhile, I have to say that I am THRILLED that the Red Sox won the World Series and I got to watch it all on my phone from the Roadtrek – the foibles and the wonders of technology!  Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

The dinner on Saturday was wonderful, a true Cajun feast with lots of choices including fried chicken, turnip greens and a yummy pecan pie for dessert.  Visiting with so many friends was so much fun and we shared stories of Wife-Husbands past.  We also talked about who’s going to next year’s event in Dallas at the Corinthian Yacht Club and it sounds like lots of folks will be going there too!  There were a few first time Wife-Husband teams and many who have been to 10 or more of these regattas.  IF you are a Wife-Husband team and have not been to one of these, think about coming - you don;t know what you are missing!  The competition is amazing and so much fun!

If you can believe it, the second day of racing at the Wife Husband Championship was even better than the first day.  The breakfast was great, including Flying Scot Communion (as our late friend Charlie Fowlers called itt).  The sun was out, the temperatures were in the 80’s AND there was plenty of wind, but not too much!  PRO George Hero and his Race Committee ran three 4-leg windward-leeward races in the 6-10 SSW winds.  Once again the races started right on time at 9:55 AM and we were back at the docks by 1:30 PM.  Places changed many times in each race with some pretty good size shifts that could confuse even the best sailors.  First place in the Championship Division races went to 3 different teams and there was an 18-point difference between 1st and 2nd place.

The lovely glass trophies were designed and made by JYC member and Candy Spurzem!  There were awards for each of the race winners and several went to teams that are not amongst the trophy winners.  The award for the best finish by a first time Wife-Husband Team went to Maryann and John Hooper from Texas.  Championship winners were  (1) Jeff and Amy Smith Linton from Florida, (2) Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu from Wisconsin, (3) David and Kimberly Thinel from Florida (4) Tyler and Carrie Andrews from Maryland and (5) Kelly and Heidi Gough from Dallas.  Challenger winners were (1) FSSA President Bill Vogler and Jill Rendleman from Illinois, (2) Barry and Tracy Hambrick from Alabama, (3) Patrick Whatley and his wife from Alabama, (4) Derrick and Gwynn Van Valkenburg from Arkansas and (5) Bruce and Jackie Cattanach from Georgia. Full results are here.

Thanks so much to Jim Leggette and Jackson Yacht Club for putting on such a fabulous and fun event.  Make sure to start making plans for next year in Dallas!

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS:  There was live drone coverage by Eric Bussell providing lots of cover photos for Facebook!  There were loads of photos taken and video shot as well as local TV coverage on Jackson’s WLBT station.  Here are some links and we will post more as we get them.  There are also several photos and videos shared on the Flying Scot Sailing Association Facebook page if you get a chance to go to Facebook.  Maybe your new profile picture or cover photo are in there!

Links to videos:

Highlight Video:

Start Video:

Leeward Gate Video:

Windward Mark:

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2018 Wife Husbands at Jackson Yacht Club, Ridgeland, MS - racing Day 1


The Wife Husband Championship scheduled race start was 10:55 AM and the PRO George Hero and the Race Committee were right on time! On a beautiful sunny day in the 70's with a WSW wind that moderated from 8 MPH down to 4, the 29 Championship and 7 Challenger teams completed Race 1. Although most boats went left, right seemed to be the way to go because the boats that started late and went right, caught up to the boats that went left. The wind died near the end of the race and several boats did not finish within the time limit - a few from each fleet.   And then there was none - wind that is, The wind just died so up went the postpone flag and we waited. Who can complain being out on the water on a beautiful sunny day? Some boats were trying to stay closer to the club, and each time some wind showed up, it went away as fast as ir appeared. But then - after over an hour of waiting - there was finally enough wid to start Race 2. This time going right was NOT the way to go, but several boats went right and were pretty far behind the rest. The Challenger Fleet had very little wind for their start, so they started a little slow. The wind never really came back near the Committee Boat and by the end of the Challenger Race, the boats had to be towed in from the "no wind" area. Championship Leaders after 2 races are (1) Jeff and Amy Smith Linton, (2) Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu and (3) John and Sharon Wake   Challenger Leaders after Day 1 are (1) Bill Vogler and Jill Rendleman, (2) Barry and Tracy Hambrick and (3) Derrick and Gwynn Van Valkenburg.   A Cajun dinner is planned for tonight with live music and loads of fun. We'll be back at it again tomorrow.   Full results are here.

2018 Wife Husbands at Jackson Yacht Club, Ridgeland, MS - 35 boats are here!

JYC JYCsunset

It's a bit chily today here in Mississippi but that has not dampened the spirits of the regatta team or the 35 Wife-Husband teams that have come from 7 states to compete.  Regatta Chair Jim Leggette and team have made sure we all got checked in, boats parked, cars and campers parked, barbecued ribs on the grill and plenty of beverages ready for us,  There was lots of time to say hello to all our friends and   And then after the announcements and skippers meeting, some southern cooking featuring fried catfish and peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert.  And what would a Flying Scot regatta be without bagpipes - yup, they have those too!  Can't wait for tomorrow to get out on the water since we're told that will be sunny with the temperature in the 70's!

2018JYCbag 2018JYCjim



2018 Wife Husbands at Jackson Yacht Club, Ridgeland, MS - Have you signed up yet?

2018 WH Tshirt 2018 WHYC

The Wife-Husband regatta is just a few days away with activites starting on Friday, October 26!   But there's still time to avoid late registration fees!  Please complete your registration by midnight next Friday October 19. Still unsure?  Go ahead and signup to hold the early entry price.  Register here:

Thanks to one our regatta team members, Suzanne Wise who will be sailing in the regatta, we will get some local media attention. One the local weekly papers, The Northside Sun, ran a story this week.  The Jackson Yacht Club is looking forward  to hosting thirty three boats and you. So are you “goin’ to Jackson?”

2018 Wife-Husband Championship - Registration is open!




This message is from Jim Leggette, regatta chairperson:

Now is the time to make your plans to attend this year’s Flying Scot Wife Husband championships. The regatta will be hosted by the Jackson Yacht Club on October 26 - 28.  Look for an article about the regatta in the next issue of Scots and Water to see what we have planned.  To wet your appetite, take a peek at the video for the regatta.  Then go to our Regatta Network site to sign up and for information about housing, etc. and to get registered.   We have a number of members who live near the club available to host you for the weekend so make those arrangements soon. 

The chatter at the North Americans indicated that Team Florida will be sending a large group for this event.  No doubt the Dallas Flash Fleet is not going to get outdone by the Sunshine State.  Perhaps we should have a friendly wager between the two states on who brings the most boats with the stakes being barbeque sauce or some similar “state specific” treat.    Anybody up for the challenge?

Congratulations to Steve and Renne Comen from Dallas who won a bar fifty dollar credit for being the first paid registration for the regatta!   Keep an eye on FSSA and our Facebook page for some more things to get you ready for the trip and the regatta.

In the words of Johnny Cash, you will have time that is “hotter than a pepper sprout.” So who is “goin’ to Jackson?”

PS – Since it appears our group enjoys bushwhackers a machine will be on site to make this libation for those who like such things. 

Contact and registration information  here.

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