Gulf District

The Gulf District encompasses several fleets along and near the Gulf of Mexico from Florida's panhandle to Louisiana and one fleet in Arkansas.

Active fleets in Florida include Choctawhatchee Bay in Ft.Walton Beach, Garcon Point Spirited Sailors in Bagdad, St.Andrew Bay in Panama City and Pensacola Bay in Pensacola. In Mississippi we have Bay St.Louis and in Arkansas we have Grand Maumelle Sailing Club in Little Rock. In Louisiana we have Lake Arthur in Lafayette and New Orleans and Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans.

The District Governor is Larry Taggart, who is also FSSA Parliamentarian. The Gulf District is also home to FSSA Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Claypool.

Reply to the 40-year Title Challenge

KeggetteBoat KeggetteBOS

A few weeks back, Jim Morey with FS 3277 challenged Flying Scot owners to see if anyone in the class had a single family owned boat for 40 years-plus. Well, it turns out that Jim Leggette in FS1518 has a single family owned boat for a little over 50 years. Here's the boat and the bill of sale to prove it. Anyone care to challenge Jim? 

2019 NAC at Pensacola - Day 3 - it's a wrap!

2019 OYC final

With the temperatures in the 90’s and the breeze down from the previous days at 7 -10 MPH from the SSW, the RC ran a flawless 4-leg Windward-Leeward course, making it longer than previous races for the final race of the event.  

After racing there was plenty of beer and hors d’oeuvres for anyone who skipped breakfast or is hungry after being on the water. Pensacola Yacht Club has put on a great national championship for the Flying Scot Class and we should think about returning here.  It is a beautiful venue for both the sailing and social aspects of our NAC. The sailing is close by, the water is wide open outside the channels and you are always in view of the yacht club and shore. Thanks so much to Tom Pace and Hal Smith for a job well done. We will not soon forget how much fun we had!

Results are here. Championship Winners are Zeke and Jay Horowitz and Challenger Winners are Steve and Renee Comen. Details about other winners will be provided after the trophy presentations.

Photos can be found at:

By Peter Barkley:   By Diane Kampf:   By Talbot Wilson   The Pensacola Yacht Club Facebook Page

2019 NAC at Pensacola - Day 2 Finals

/2019 PYC Day 2fin

After a postpone on shore, the breeze filled in and we went out and almost started on time at 12:00 – we started just a few minutes after noon.  With a 7-10 MPH SSW wind for the first race and 10-12 MPH for the second race, Hal Smith and the RC got in 2 more great 4-leg Windward Leeward races. There was not much chop but there were confusing shifts so what seemed like the time to tack would just turn into a lift a few seconds later. With temperatures into the 90’s today in mostly sunny skies, it was a bit warmer than the previous 2 days. Staying hydrated on the water was really key and I think lots of people may be wishing they did that more.

After Day 2 of the finals, the leaders in the Championship Division are (1) Zeke and Jay Horowitz, (2) Tyler and Carrie Andrews, (3) Fred Sowaard and Oliver Byington, (4) Tom and Melanie McNally and (5) Tom and Melissa Miller. The leaders in Challenger are (1) 1) Steve and Rene Comen, (2) Bill Vogler and Mark Schillabeekz, (3) Chris Herman and crew, (4) Melissa and Eric Hemker and (5) Sally Morriss and crew.  Full results are here.

The Annual Meeting and Election is tonight.  The newly elected officers will be announced after the meeting. One more race tomorrow to determine the champions and the special award winners.

2019 NAC at Pensacola - Day 1 Finals

/sites/default/files/dsc_3534.jpg2019 PYCday1

Can you say another picture perfect day on Pensacola Bay? Low 90’s sun shining, southerly breeze at 8-10 MPH and not too as much chop as yesterday, What a great day on the water.

PRO Hal Smith and crew got in 2 4-leg Windward Leeward races after a couple of false starts when the current was pushing everyone over the line. The RC cautioned everyone and the starts went off smoothly.

After Day 1 the leaders on the Championship Division are (1) Tyler and Carrie Andrews, (2) Zeke and Jay Horowitz(3) Fred Sowaard and Oliver Byington, (4) Tom and Melanie McNally, (2nd, 3rd and 4th all have 7 points!), and (5) Tom and Melissa Miller.. The leasers in the Challenger Division are (1) Steve and Rene Comen, (2) Bill Vogler and Mark Schillebeeckx, (3) Melissa and Eric Hemker  (4) Greg and Diane Kampf and (5) and Robert and Margaret Muller.  Full results are here.  There will be a few pictures available later.

Tonight is a Jambalaya Dinner put on by the great kitchen at Pensacola Yacht Club. Everyone can get their Cajun taste  buds satisfied. Thanks to Regatta Chair Tom Pace for an awesome event!

2019 NAC at Pensacola Qualifiers

2019 PYCqual

Photo courtesy of Talbot Wilson

It was a dark and stormy night – somewhere, but not here. Today we had the FS NAC Qualifier Races and we havethe splits between Championship and Challenger Division for the finals.

Hal Smith and his excellent RC ran 3 great 4-leg Windward Leeward races in 8-12 knot south winds and 89 degrees under partly cloudy skies.  We had the usual ABCD divisions and everyone ends up sailing against each other at least once.

Photos by Talbot WIlon are here and photos by DIane Kampf (mostly taken while sailing) are here.

Results of the qualifiers are here  

Regatta Results