Greater New York District

The Greater New York District encompasses fleets in Connecticut, New Jersey, some of Pennsylvania and fleets in New York that are on the Atlantic Coast.

Our active Connecticut fleets are Riverside in Long Island Sound , Candlewood Lake in Fairfield, Cedar Point in Westport and Sprite Island in Norwalk. In New York we have Moriches Bay in Center Moriches, Hampstead Bay in Island Park, Southside Scots in Blue Point and Westhampton Yacht Squadron in Remsenberg, In New Jersey we have Monmouth Boat Club in Red Bank, Toms River Fleet in Toms River. Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club in Ocean Port, Hunterdon Sailing Club in Clinton, Lavallette Yacht Club in Lavallette and Stone Harbor Yacht Club in Stone Harbor In Pennsylvania we have Lake Nockamixon in Quakertown.

The District Governor is Mark Riefenhauser from the Candlewood Fleet and this is the home of FSSA First Vice President Bill Dunham.

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Brian Hayes of North Sails shares tips with the sailors


The winners!

2018GNYspin 2018GNY

Story by Peter Eldridge

The 2018 Greater New York District Championship was held at Sprite Island Yacht Club in Norwalk, CT., in conjunction with Fleet 142's annual Douglass-Orr Invitational Regatta and the first leg of the Connecticut Cup. Twenty four boats registered and participated in the two day event, June 23-24.

Participants arrived at neighboring Cedar Point Yacht Club in Westport, CT. Thursday evening and early Friday and Saturday mornings to use CPYC's hoist and launch their Scots for a tow to Sprite Island. Chris Perez and his fellow Fleet 177 Scot sailors and other volunteers from CPYC were very cooperative in helping  to organize the launch and tow. 

Friday afternoon, Brian Hayes of North Sails conducted a sail trim clinic in challenging winds, but the 13 crews attending the clinic found it to be an excellent experience. Brian followed the clinic participants providing real time commentary as well as video taping the boats. After an afternoon of practice starts and short course practice racing, the crews relaxed over some beer and hamburgers while reviewing the video tape and listening to Brian's commentary. Everyone was dialed into the hour long discussion and question and answer period that followed, hoping to pick up a new idea to improve performance.

On Saturday morning, the Race Committee, chaired by Peter Feick and the PRO, Todd Field, a Certified Race Officer with USSailing, set a course in moderately strong winds. Peter Eldridge, Fleet 142 Captain, found the start with 24 Scots on the line to be inspiring, as well as a bit intimidating. But the winds and Race Committee kept things moving and were able to get three races in before threatening weather closed the day.

Saturday evening was highlighted by a happy hour in the truly unique setting of Sprite Island and a lobster/clam bake dinner for 80 plus sailors and guests. The discussion topics ranged from the day's races and  the exceptional food and beverage, to the incredible views of Long Island Sound at sun set.

In the words of Todd Field, the PRO, the wind gods were not generous Sunday. The Scots headed out to the starting line for an 11 AM first warning horn- only to sit becalmed for more than an hour. With no wind on the horizon (or radar), the race was called and the visiting boats were towed to Cedar Point. Everyone reassembled at Sprite Island for light snacks and libations, as well as the award ceremony.

The top four finishers of the 2018 GNY District Championship/Douglass Orr Invitational regatta were:

In fourth place, boat # 5516 Mark Riefenhauser and Adam Riefenhauser of Fleet 24 (Candlewood Lake Yacht Club, New Fairfield, CT.);  In third place, boat # 520 Matt Cohne and John Weldon of Fleet 163  (Lake Nockemixon, Quakerstown, PA.)In second place, boat # 3289, David Irving  and Warren Schutt of Fleet 24; and In first place, boat # 5688 Daniel Vought and David Watts of Fleet 157 (Monmouth Boat Club, Red Bank, NJ.)

Full results are here.

Overall, the competition was tight; the venue and food was exceptional; new friendships were formed and old friends re-connected. We hope to see you all at the second leg of the Connecticut Cup on July 15 at Cedar Point Yacht Club.

2017 Roger Punzi Memorial Regatta - Good friends. Good Times


A few boats pretty close to finishing up race 1


Fifth place Mark and Adam Riefenhauser from host club Candlewood Yacht Club in New Fairfield, CTd

Thirteen boats from 3 Districts came to Candlewood Yacht Club to enjoy some great friends, some fun, some food, oh yes, and some racing.  There were 4 boats from Saratoga Lake Sailing Club in the New York Lakes District, 3 boats from my club, Massapoag Yacht Club in the New England District, 2 boats from Sprite Island Yacht Club in the Greater New York District and 4 boats from the host club Candlewood, also in the Greater New York District.  Participants included New York Lakes District Governor Ann K. Seidman and Greater New York District Governor Mark Riefenhauser 

While we started with a postponement first thing in the morning, we were pretty happy that our great Race Committee, led by Commodore Tom Mullen and crew, got in 4 good races on Saturday.  You really can't ask for better than that.   With steady 10-12 MPH winds from the south, and loads of shifts to discover as there often is in lake sailing, there were places changing on every leg in each race, sometimes on each tack.  The racing was pretty close and there was not much time waiting between races.  The top 3 teams won all the races, but the rest of us had a great time with just a 1 point difference between 4th and 5th place, and lots of tie-breakers after that.  On Sunday, we waited a while in the rain, but the predicted gusts up in the 20's and possible lightning made it just too risky to put people on the water, so we packed up and went home knwoing this was the last race of the year for us..  

The hospitality was great and the club members offered to help rig, park, launch and of course they fed us all.  This is our 5th year in a row and Greg and I will definitely be back!  Come and join us, you won't regret it.  Full results are here.

2017PunziMYC'First Place Roger and Kate Sharp, Fourth Place Greg and Diane Kampf and Second Place, John and Connie Eckart, all from Massapoag Yacht Club in Sharon, MA


Third Place Mark Swanson and Mike Henne from Saratoga Lake Sailing Club in Saratoga, NY

Fifth Annual Roger Punzi Memorial Regatta and Fleet 24 50th Anniversary

2016 punzi

Fifth Annual Roger Punzi Memorial Regatta and Fleet 24 50th Anniversary

Submitted by Mark Riefenhauser

A calm Candlewood Lake greeted the 12 Flying Scots on the morning of October 8th for the Flying Scot Fleet 50th Anniversary and Fifth Annual Roger Punzi Memorial Regatta at Candlewood Yacht Club in New Fairfield, CT. This was also the Fleet 24 Championship. Out of town boats traveled from the New York Lakes District and the New England District as well as other fleets in the Greater New York District which Fleet 24 is a part of. A welcome continental breakfast was served to the racers and volunteers. Races were scheduled to start at 11 am. Our Race Committee, chaired by our Commodore, Tom Mullen and Melanie Dunham, smartly postponed the start due to little to no wind on the lake. We all waited patiently as the time passed by. It was hopeful that we get in at least one race. After checking wind conditions several times over the course of the day, it was decided to give it a try as a light wind started to form in the afternoon and all of the boats were in the water ready to go. So we all headed out on the lake in search of the wind following the Race Committee. After about an hour on the water, it finally came! A southerly wind of about 6-8 mph filled in on the lake. Race 1 will be on! A windward – leeward course was quickly set and the start sequence commenced. Greg and Dianne Kampf took the win and a close finish for second by Mark and Adam Riefenhauser over Greg and Steve Northrop. Race 2 immediately started after all the other boats finished. Greg and Dianne took first, followed by Mark and Adam in second and Dave Irving and Warren Schutt in third. Overall for the regatta, Greg and Dianne Kampf came in first, Mark and Adam Riefenhauser, second and Dave Irving and Warren Schutt, third. For the Fleet 24 Championship, Mark and Adam Riefenhauser took first. After the races, racers were treated to snacks and cheer provided by Fleet 24 members followed by a catered dinner. Out of town boats were quickly packed and ready for the road. It was a great end of the season for some of us as winter is just around the corner. But regardless, we are already planning next year’s event and hope to see you all next year! Photos have been provided by Joe Doucet and Ed Wilkes.  See results here See pictures here.

Always a Fun Time at the Roger Punzi Memorial - Candlewood YC, CT

2016 Punzi1   2016 PunziWinners

We always enjoy going to Candlewood Yacht Club for the Roger Punzi Memorial and this year was also the 50th Anniversary regatta for Fleet 24.  This year we started out with 12 boats registered but no wind so we had a postponement.  But the Race Committee found the wind later in the day and we were able to get in 2 great races, and Greg and I won!  We'll see a longer writeup soon, but  wanted to thank Mark Riefenhauser and the fleet for another fun day in Connecticut - our last regatta for the year! 

Results are here.

2016 Atlantic Coast Championship & Greater NY District Championship


Sailing with the NY Skyline in background - photo courtesy of Bob Markoff

ACC Trophy

Story is by Thom Lee and Marc Gordon

The Monmouth Boat Club hosted the 2016 Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Championships and Greater New York District Championships on Sept 16-18th and provided a great event for all involved. The regatta was held in Sandy Hook Bay, NJ which provided for mile long legs.  Sailing conditions were perfect with sun and winds of 15 to 20 knots on the first day and 8 to 15 on the second day. Twenty two boats hit the line from Annapolis and Pennsylvania to Connecticut. The top sailors factored in the shifts, current, and tactics to achieve success.

MBC hospitality was in full swing.  A Friday pizza party kicked off the weekend.  After a full day of racing, the sailors were treated with beer and water delivered to the boats.  A special Italian dinner was held in the Monmouth Boat Club with musical entertainment.  The finale was the awards party on Sunday afternoon held in the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club overlooking Sandy Hook Bay and the New York skyline.

For the ACC, David Neff with crew Jason Hair took 1st place and the title of Atlantic Coast Champions. In 2nd place were Dan Vought and his crew David Watts. 3rd place went to Peter Sayia and his crew Russ Lines and Jackie Wilhelm.

For the GNY, Dan Vought finished in 1st place, with Peter Sayia coming in 2nd and Larry Nociolo coming in 3rd sailing with Eileen Nociolo and Dave Whittle.

The Jack Orr trophy for most wins in the Greater New York Districts went to Brian Hayes and his crew Brian Hayes Jr.  The ACC Perpetual trophy went to Dave Neff and the GNY Perpetual Trophy went to Dan Vought. 

Congratulations to the winners and all of the competitors for participating in a classic weekend regatta.


Downwind with Sandy Hook State Park in the background - photo courtesy of Bob Markoff

Full results are here. 

Lots of photos from Saturday by Art Petrosemolo are here.

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